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Mojang means Minecraft. Minecraft The Microsoft-owned developer also works on different projects. Scrolls was an online battle video based on cards game that's available on PC, Mac, and tablets. The developer announced that the title was ending its life and that it would cease development. It doesn't offer up a particular reason for the sudden end, but we've reached out to find out if there's any reason at all -- the developer has claimed a legal victory over Bethesda in the sense that it was able to name the game "Scrolls" in the first place, but was prohibited to not name sequels in the same way. Mojang promises that it'll keep the servers running for another year, which means that's twelve more months to tackle the latest update and levels that were released last month. Update The following update: A Mojang spokesperson confirmed that the launch of the "Scrolls" beta was an enormous success. Tens of thousands of players played daily , and many are still playing today. Unfortunately the game has reached a stage where it can no longer sustain continuous development."

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