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Minecraft is a great game that you should play with your friends. Sometimes, you'll be all mucking in to build something incredible and sometimes you'll be making mods to recreate Elden Ring, and other times you'll be exploring servers online to see what the internet holds for you. If you're playing online with other players it's not uncommon for things to get messy, and that appears to be what the latest Minecraft snapshot is trying to solve. The Minecraft snapshot 22W24A is out. It's heading towards 1.19.1 with some bugs fixed, two new features, and a few bug fixes. Chat reporting is the main feature. This lets you report abusive messages that are being sent in game chat. It's important to note that the blog explains that "any reports made during the testing period might not be acted upon," but the ability to remove players who are toxic is an essential part of any online game which is why this could be an excellent move. Chat reporting can be accessed within the social interactions section, and you'll have to report individual chat messages, and select a category for them too. This will help prevent abuse of the system. It is not possible to create a generic report on a player. You must state what they did. The blog says your report will be scrutinized by a moderator. It's not possible to know what constitutes a genuine and actionable report at this point but it's worth knowing all about it. Another major change is that you are now able to duplicate the amazing Minecraft allay. You can do this by giving them an amethyst-based shard, but duplicates come with a 2.5-minute cooldown. This should help alleviate woes around the amount of allay mobs there are. Plus, an adorable thing can only be a good thing, right? In less official news, we're hugely awestruck of this Mario Kart mod for Minecraft. Extreme minecraft server crafting going on here It brings in the karts we've all played and love, and adds some cool aquatic features too.

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