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A straightforward way I've discovered to let my pals connect with my Minecraft server, which is operating on my own machine is to make use of a free software called ngrok to expose my server to the internet. Rokan Themes 1) Obtain ngrok from You may must signup for a free account as properly, and observe their setup directions.2) Begin your Minecraft server3) To share your local Minecraft server, run the following in a terminal:4) It will show some data, with a line like the next:Write down the number that's the place the XXXXX is above. Rokan Themes 5) Your server is now obtainable on the web! But how do your folks connect with it?6) Tell your folks to begin Minecraft, then- click "Multiplayer"- click on "Direct Connect"Fill in the following, replacing XXXXX the number you wrote down in step 4) They should now be related to your Minecraft server!TROUBLESHOOTING: Word - if it does not work, then instead of "Direct Connect", add it as a server by choosing "Add Server", then supply Then simply connect with the server that method as a substitute! Rokan Themes

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