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Being sentenced to prison for playing a video game sounds pretty difficult, but it's possible as a young person in Russia. Nikita Uvarov, 16 years old, was recently found guilty of "training for terrorist activities" by an Russian military court, after the teen plotted to destroy an online version of the FSB which is the country's domestic intelligence agency...while playing Minecraft. He was sentenced to five years prison. The Moscow Times reports that Uvarov, along with his two friends, Bogdan Andreyev and Denis Mikhailenko were detained in 2020 for a slew of activities that the government came to conclude were part of a risky plot. In addition to preparing to blow up a virtual version of the FSB, the trio also distributed fliers to show their support for Azat Miftakhov, a Russian anarchist who was arrested for vandalism in 2019. Authorities have also claimed that they used improvised explosives to attack abandoned buildings. All of this resulted in the boys being found guilty of "undergoing training with the intention of carryingout terrorist activities" and were sentenced to prison. Andreyev and Mikhailenko pleaded guilty and subsequently were sentenced suspended. Uvarov was, however, adamant about his innocence and was subsequently sentenced to prison. all about video games It isn't clear if the government claims that the game was used to prepare terrorists. Minecraft is a hugely popular video game, is known for its ability to let players construct their own customized structures. Russian authorities have stated that they believe that the teens were not simply playing with their toys, but were actually planning something grave.

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