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With new games, new updates, and new ways to play, be part of one in every of the largest communities in gaming and begin crafting at the moment!Minecraft.internet is the official webpage for Minecraft. Minecraft It allows users to enroll, play and buy the game, provides links to related neighborhood websites (including the Minecraft Wiki) and can be the place players can download the Minecraft Launcher and server client.On Could 2, 2016, it was given a significant redesign to incorporate information about more products.[1]On December 8, 2016, it was announced on Mojang Studios' official weblog that they would be transferring all Minecraft associated news to minecraft.web, and continue to replace it there, somewhat than on as they'd finished up to now.[2]1 Pages 1.1 Home 1.1.1 What is Minecraft? Download Minecraft1.1.1.2 Realms Java Edition1.1.1.3 Realms Plus1.1.1.Four Realms EULA1.1.1.5 Servers2.1 Minecraft Help Center2.2 Minecraft Dungeons2.Three Crash AssistPages[]Minecraft.internet presently has twenty pages. There is a hamburger menu at the top of each page resulting in almost every page on the positioning, though the obtain web page is out there with out opening the menu. The pages are as follows:Residence[]https://minecraft.internetThe home web page of minecraft.web consists of the Minecraft emblem and hyperlinks to buy Minecraft, Realms, add-ons, and Marketplace. Beneath the banner is the blog part with Minecraft news, insiders and featured creations by the community.What is Minecraft?[]https://minecraft.web/about-minecraftThis web page incorporates information about Minecraft.Download Minecraft[]https://minecraft.internet/downloadThis web page accommodates download links for the Minecraft Launcher and server software program for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, as well as Google Play and App Store hyperlinks for Bedrock Edition.Realms Java Version[]https://minecraft.internet/realms-for-javaUsers can study Minecraft Realms for Java Edition and in addition purchase a realm.Realms Plus[]https://minecraft.web/realms-plusUsers can find out about Minecraft Realms Plus for Bedrock Version and likewise purchase a realm.Realms EULA[]https://minecraft.web/realms/phrasesThis web page accommodates the EULA for Realms.Servers[] web page comprises details about neighborhood servers for Bedrock Edition.https://minecraft.internet/dungeonsThis web page comprises details about Minecraft Dungeons.Minecraft Legends[]https://minecraft.web/legendsThis page incorporates details about Minecraft Legends.Group Standards[] web page comprises details about group requirements for Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Earth, and Realms as outlined by the Microsoft Services Settlement.Community[] web page incorporates info on the Minecraft community as a complete, together with community builds, livestreams, the Minecraft Discord server, together with links for reporting bugs and submitting feedback.Redeem[]https://minecraft.web/redeemContains choices to redeem a gift code.Minecraft Stay[]https://minecraft.internet/liveThis web page has information about Minecraft Reside.Credits[] credit of Minecraft.Digital Actuality[]https://minecraft.internet/vrThis web page briefly describes Virtual Reality in Minecraft.Attributions[] an inventory of software program that Minecraft makes use of.Sound Attributions[]https://minecraft.internet/attribution/soundIncorporates a listing of sounds that Minecraft uses.Free Trial[]https://minecraft.internet/free-trialAccommodates obtainable free trials for all editions at the moment accessible.Mojang Studios Careers[] links to job openings at Mojang Studios in each Stockholm, Sweden, and Redmond, Washington, U.S.Licensed content material in Minecraft[]https://www.minecraft.web/licensed-content materialIncorporates a listing of content licensed from different corporations which can be used in Minecraft in some way, comparable to recreation worlds, useful resource packs, and so on.Profile[]https://minecraft.internet/profileWhen logged in, the page showcases the consumer's profile, their in-recreation skin, any Realms worlds they have, as well as a page to save cost data.Associated pages[]Minecraft Assist Center[]Official brand of the assistance middle site.https://assist.minecraft.netUsers can entry this web page from Assist hyperlink of high of minecraft.web. Contains answers for ceaselessly requested questions. This page also accommodates server statuses related to Java Edition.Minecraft Dungeons[]https://minecraftdungeons.netThis web page lets customers buy the minecraftdungeons.internet model of Minecraft Dungeons and its DLC for Home windows and download the Minecraft Launcher.Crash Help[]http://minecrafthopper.netThis page lists all of the Minecraft crash studies sent to Mojang Studios.Developer URLs[]Developer calls and URLs discovered on the Minecraft Discussion board, game files, API, Authentication, and Legacy Authentication:Used to download sources for the client and for the server up to model 1.5.2.Used to download sources for the consumer past version 1.6.2.The Minecraft launcher uses this to authenticate logins. If the username and password are legitimate for a premium account, returns "::::". If username and password are invalid, returns "Bad login". If the username and password are correct, but the account isn't premium, returns "User not premium". If the given model number is lower than 12, returns "Outdated model". The username isn't case-delicate.This hyperlink seems to be known as when a server with online-mode=true checks if it ought to allow a participant to hitch the game. The session ID is generated by the launcher when logging in (customers also can generate them with the "getversion.jsp" link above). This URL returns "Okay" if the given session ID is the final one to have been generated for that username; in any other case it returns a "Bad login" error.

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