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Mining becomes more profitable as it is trained to higher levels, but requires more user input such as clicking on the rocks, while also being slow to train. Runescape servers Woodcutting generates little money at low levels and is, like Mining, increasingly profitable at high levels. Unfortunately, according to the free-to-play Money making guides on this wiki, cuttingYews generates half of the profit that mining Runite ore does. Keep in mind that Woodcutting is still a lower input and faster training skill than Mining, sparing a player an enormous amount of effort for a decent profit. As a player chops down a tree of a certain type, the corresponding type of logs will appear in their inventory. The player can then light the logs with a tinderbox to raise their Firemaking skill, cut them with a knife and make them into bows using the Fletching skill in members, or sell them to other players for money. This makes Firemaking and Fletching highly related to and dependent on woodcutting. In order to chop a tree, a player will need to have a hatchet that they can use (which was previously known as an axe but was changed in 2009 to help distinguish between battleaxes, pickaxes and Woodcutting axes.) Hatchets can be wielded in the weapon slot, in order to gather more wood in the inventory provided players have a high enough Attack level to use the type of metal the hatchet is, as it is still considered a weapon. Normal trees only provide one log per tree, however higher level trees are able to generate as much as a full inventory of logs each. Hatchets can be bought from Bob's store, bought from the Grand Exchange, or smithed by players using the Smithing skill. Some tree's in runescape are, a commom tree, an achey tree, an oak tree, a willow tree, a teak tree, a maple tree, a hollow tree, a mahogany tree, an Artic Pine Tree, a Eucalyptus TYree, A Yew Tree, a Cursed Magic Tree, and a Choking ivy.

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