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Who are we?MyRSGP is a one-stop hub for you to compare numerous RuneScape Gold sellers. You can sort through Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS Gold) and RuneScape 3. You can also look at a concise and comprehensive list of the Top RuneScape Gold selling sites. We show with every item on the list if there is a discount available on that particular site or if you need to use a discount code or not to avail of the cut. We also have a section that shows reviews for all of these RuneScape Gold sites so that you can go through them yourself and make an informed decision.All of the RuneScape Gold sellers listed on our website are 100% authentic. Having dealt with them, we know these sellers to be highly safe. Our team of experts offers verified and experience-based information about RuneScape Gold sellers from the RuneScape market for you to make actionable decisions. We do not sell any space for RuneScape Gold selling sites to occupy, showcase, and sell their services. MyRSGP lists only those RuneScape Gold sellers who we believe to be highly credible and reliable. MyRSGP offers you the option to buy RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold, sell RuneScape Gold or OSRS gold, buy and sell RuneScape items, RuneScape accounts, OSRS items, and OSRS accounts.What is RuneScape and RuneScape Gold?RuneScape is a fantasy, massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was first released in January 2001. Developed and published by Jagex Game Studio, RuneScape is now played as two versions - Old School RuneScape, that is, OSRS, and RuneScape 3.The game takes place in the imaginary world of Gielinor, which is a medieval fantasy realm. Tasks and missions need to be completed to proceed ahead in the open world of Gielinor. For many such purposes, you need a mode of transaction. You will need this money to buy new armor and weapons, level up, fight enemies, and more. This money or cash in the Gielinor world reffers to as RuneScape Gold.RuneScape Gold is not available in the game for free and is very difficult to come by in the game. It takes a lot of time to generate or buy the RuneScape Gold in the game itself. While you keep waiting for the RuneScape Gold to come by, you are missing out on loads of adventures. To be able to bypass this effort and time wastage, MyRSGP offers services for you to find the best sites to buy RuneScape Gold from. An entire RuneScape market is available with loads of verified and certified sellers who can provide you RuneScape Gold to level up and perform better in the game.How much do OSRS Gold and RuneScape 3 Gold cost?The prices for Old School RuneScape or OSRS Gold and RuneScape 3 Gold are ever-changing. However, it is essential to note here that if you are looking to play the Old School RuneScape version, you will need to shell out more money to be able to get your hands on RuneScape Gold in online RuneScape market. The average price for Old School RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold and RuneScape 3 Gold is $0.01 per OSRS Gold million and around $0.03 per RuneScape 3 Gold million.If you wish to get lower prices, numerous sellers in the RuneScape market continuously offer discounts and offers. You can also choose to buy RuneScape Gold from private sellers not listed on the RuneScape market. Still it is crucial to note that these private sellers are not verified, and you can never be too sure of their intentions. There have been many cases of people getting scammed when they bought RuneScape Gold from private sellers that were not verified and listed on the MyRSGP RuneScape market.It is always wise to avoid saving a little by going to a third-party private seller and choosing to spend a little more but getting a reliable guarantee that you will get the items that you are paying for.Where to buy OSRS Gold and RuneScape Gold?There are numerous places such as ChicksGold, Probemas, RSGoldFast, and many others that have been personally tested and verified by our team of experts. We understand the risk associated with wanting to buy RuneScape Gold online. There are always concerns about the safety of the entire procedure and whether you would get what you are paying for. You are also concerned about how the entire process would work and if it is even safe for your RuneScape account to import RuneScape Gold from outer sources.This is why we have taken all measures we can to ensure that you get what you are paying good money for and that the import of RuneScape Gold from these RuneScape markets in no way affects your RuneScape account. All our RuneScape Gold and Old School RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold sellers have been verified and are 100% reliable and credible.Top places to sell OSRS Gold, RuneScape Gold, RuneScape Accounts, and moreThere are chances that you might have way too much OSRS Gold or RuneScape Gold in your account. If you are looking to stop playing the game or want to reduce a load of this gold in your account, or even looking to make some extra money on the side by selling the OSRS Gold and RuneScape Gold in your account that has been idle, you can choose to sell it.All you need is a few millions in RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold and an account where you can deposit the money you will get by selling it. Deposit method can be either a PayPal account, a Cryptocurrency account, or even a Direct Deposit account in your bank.Look out for all verified RuneScape gold sellers in our Directory list and find out the ones who are also looking to buy RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold. Just get in touch with these sellers in the RuneScape market and sell your RuneScape Gold and/or OSRS Gold to make a lot of extra money on the side for yourself.Another way for you to make a tremendous amount of money in one single sale is by selling your RuneScape account(s). Gather all your old RuneScape accounts that currently showcase good stats and are also in good playing conditions.You can now choose to go through the same Directory list of verified sellers on our website and choose to sell your RuneScape account(s) to any of these sellers. Just like you sell RuneScape Gold, you will need a PayPal account, a Cryptocurrency account, or even a Direct Deposit account in your bank to collect the money for which you are selling the account.What can I do to prevent scams when I buy RuneScape Gold?It is very tempting to contact private third-party sellers to buy RuneScape Gold from. They usually offer lower prices, but there is no guarantee regarding their reliability, credibility, and authenticity. Only you will be responsible in case you lose money when buying RuneScape Gold from these private sellers. Putting your hard-earned money at risk via this method is not a very wise option to go for. That's why it is crucial to avoid these private sellers to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of an online scam.Always choose to look for sellers on our site in our directory list. Look for sellers who have been marked 'verified' by us. To appease yourself, once you find a verified seller on our list, you can search for your own and make sure that they do not have any open scam cases and that they are 100% trustworthy.These simple steps can help you purchase RuneScape 3 Gold and Old School RuneScape or OSRS Gold in a very reliable and safe manner. There are no risks of losing your money and not getting anything in return. You are also safe from getting your official RuneScape account blocked by the authorities since you are importing the RuneScape Gold from trusted sellers and not from private sellers who nobody knows about.Is it safe to buy RuneScape Gold from the RuneScape market?Buying RuneScape Gold from the RuneScape market and then importing it in the original game to play is by and large a very safe thing to do. There are minimal to no chances of your account getting blocked and suspended permanently. However, if you are a high volume buyer and purchase both RuneScape 3 Gold and Old School RuneScape Gold or OSRS Gold in bulk, you will need to be a little more careful since high-volume purchases are more easily detected and then flagged.There are several ways to avoid getting flagged if you are a high-volume buyer. The first way to go about is by using one of your old RuneScape accounts as a gold mule. Buy RuneScape Gold using this old account and then use it like a mule to transfer the RuneScape Gold to your actual current RuneScape account. RUNESCAPE This way, even if you are flagged and blocked or suspended permanently, it will be one of your old RuneScape accounts that faces the problem and not the real account you use to play with. Your actual account would stay safe, secure, and undetected when importing a high volume of RuneScape Gold.The second way to accomplish this is to buy RuneScape Gold from websites that deal with high volume or bulk purchases of it. These sites, such as Probemas, are verified and authentic sellers who are clean to sell RuneScape Gold in high volumes. If your source of purchase is from such high-volume sellers, your account won't be flagged.How to get a RuneScape Gold seller listed on MyRSGP?If you are a RuneScape Gold seller looking to get listed on our site as a verified RuneScape Gold seller, we welcome applications all year round. You can add your site by registering on our list or just simply contact us and provide us all the information requested, such as the name of your site, your site URL, what all services are you looking to provide to customers, such as buy RuneScape Gold, sell RuneScape Gold, buy or sell RuneScape items, or buy and sell RuneScape accounts and more.Once your information is submitted, our team of experts will verify your details and carry out background checks to ascertain if you are legitimate and credible or not. If we do not find you a credible and reliable site, we will reject your application and not list you as a verified seller on MyRSGP. If we find you credible, we shall list your site on our website as a verified seller we would send you an acknowledgment email regarding the same.

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