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A little ago WoW Insider posted an article asking our readers to suggest things they'd like to add to WoW to make the game better. We were really excited to hear your responses, and you didn't let us down. Several commenters had what we considered were actually some great ideas, and we thought we'd pull them out for some further discussion.This is, in my opinion, a fantastic idea. Many's the time, when leveling a DPS character, that I've been conflicted between wanting to round off the storyline of an area, and wanting to progress with my leveling. With the speed of leveling in WoW at the moment with the buffs gained from heirlooms, guild perks and the like, it's really easy to out-level zones before you're done with the story. Now, of course, the option exists to simply ignore the gray mobs and the gray quests and the fact that you're being far less efficient than you would be if you moved on to another zone, but why should players have to make that choice?And there's also the option to return to old zones or old content at 90, but there's definitely something to be said for experiencing zones at level. It might be a really great change for immersion, story, and replay value if this change was made, simply because each zone would last far longer, and if players were able to level for longer in one zone, they would have more new, unexplored areas to take new characters through.This was something called for by many commenters, not just ladyjbritish. And, like the above, it seems like a very sensible idea. Sure, you might want to just send across one toon to a new server to test the water, or to trial in a raiding guild, or similar, but in the long run if the new server fits it's no surprise that players would want to take their whole team over to their new home.Another commenter mentioned that they would like to see such a feature implemented for less than the cost of a new game, and it's a reasonable point. If the options are to stay on a dying server, or to pay a huge amount of money to transfer several characters, or to buy a new game for far less money, it makes sense that people would certainly consider the new game a viable option. And yes, of course you can start again on a new server, but it's quite the wrench to leave your team of alts behind. blogging is good for your A change similar to this is actually slated for an upcoming patch, where players will be able to queue for several different LFR sections at once, but MaikS89 takes the idea even further, saying that players ought to be able to queue on offline characters. blogging is good for your Initially, I like the idea, it's a great use of time, particularly for DPS who suffer extremely long queues. But there are definitely downsides, to me this is a far less obvious shoe-in than the aforementioned ideas. It would encourage players not to play a character as much. While currently you can queue for LFR while also queued for, and indeed doing, other content, a change to allow an offline character to queue seems a step too far.On the other hand, it would allow players who have a main that just needs some LFR gear, or valor, and several other alts who need leveling or other gear, to get all that done in a shorter timeframe. I'm undecided on this one, what do you think?Now this one is a lot more safely a great idea. One thing that counts against it might be fears for server economies, with players doing things like transferring huge amounts of gems or other materials from server to server to take advantage of superior markets. But it seems like this could potentially be limited. As someone who plays across a few servers, it would be so handy to have access to an account-wide bank that new characters could draw from, or that heirlooms could be transferred through to different characters. This would solve so many issues, minor inconveniences of course, but nonetheless, a huge quality of life improvement.This one is, perhaps, a more niche request. Personally, I would absolutely love the possibility to play across the two regions, so that I can spend time in-game with my friends in the EU, and the ones in the US on the same accounts, without having to create US-specific accounts just to play trans-atlantically. Sure the ping isn't going to be the very best, but I can play on the US PTR servers with minimal difficulty, and indeed on live servers. This is something that could, frankly, be implemented across several other games, too, to facilitate cross-region play and accounts. Great idea!

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